Debtor Search

As a CST Company client, you have access to our debtor database of over 600,000 debtor files.  You can search our database to see if we have any experience with accounts that may be past-due with you.  We recommend you not use this service to extend or deny credit.  Accounts may be placed due to a dispute or an error, so appearance in our database may not accurately assess creditworthiness.

To maintain confidentiality of client data, you will be able to see potential instances of each match to your search, but you will not be able to see which client submitted the account, nor the amount placed for collection.  However, you can reach out to CST Co. to get additional information about the account, and we will contact you with additional, but limited information on the general status of the account.

Newer Team Members Need a Little Training?

We have a Credit Grantor Training Program available through the Commercial Collection Training Institute of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America.  Contact us to find out more.

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