Is an Electronic Signature Binding?

In the days before fax machines, computers, and the Internet, most documents in a commercial transaction requiring a signature were usually either handed to a sales representative, or sent back to the creditor by regular mail. Presently, it’s very common to have a customer fax back the signed document, or even return it by e-mail.

Many clients have asked us about the validity of such documents. Is a faxed or e-mailed document as good as the original? Fortunately, the courts have come a long way towards recognizing electronic signatures, and more recently, even buttons on a creditor’s website that can be clicked to confirm acceptance of terms.

The Muller firm is an excellent group of attorneys who are skilled at protecting creditor’s rights, and collecting money in situations where it would seem that no recovery is possible. They have performed admirably for CST Company clients over the years, and Steve is one of their brightest stars! We hope you find his article interesting and informative.

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