Foreign Accounts Service


We have collectors in-house who have extensive experience handling foreign accounts.  Additionally, we have fully vetted foreign affiliates to be our “boots on the ground” for you.  Having foreign collection professionals who are familiar with the collection laws, the languages, and the regional cultures across the globe, affords CST Company the critical pieces needed to protect your interests anywhere.  Great worldwide coverage is another Key to CollectionsCONTACT US for more information.

Canada.  As good as we are from here in the states, we feel it is important to continue to find ways to improve our foreign collections process, and we make sure we meet the very stringent collection agency licensing that some provinces require.  You won’t have to find, evaluate, and work with a separate Canadian agency.  We have done the work for you by having our company president visit personally with the firm we have chosen to represent our clients. 

We have the Extra-Provincial License for handling collections in Ontario, and we have an agreement with an organization in Canada that helps us meet all licensing requirements. They also give us a collection edge in all provinces and territories, especially French-speaking areas.  By utilizing this Canada-based firm, we meet all licensing requirements, which means that your company has the highest level of service on Canadian placements in the collection industry. CONTACT US for more information.

Asia Pacific Rim.  CST Company has vetted another affiliate headquartered in Singapore with offices across the Asia Pacific Rim.  A CST Company representative has personally visited one of their offices to get a first-hand look at the organization.  We are confident they can meet our clients’ needs for that part of the world.

The Rest of the World.  With special collectors handling foreign accounts in-house and our network of other legal connections worldwide, CST Company has the critical pieces needed to protect your interests anywhere. Great coverage is your Key to Collections. CONTACT US for more information.

Newer Team Members Need a Little Training?

We have a Credit Grantor Training Program available through the Commercial Collection Training Institute of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America.  Contact us to find out more.

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