Marginal Account Registry

In 1997, CST Company introduced a new method of assisting our clients in keeping a watchful eye on their marginal customers for free. It was aptly named the Marginal Account Registry.

To use this service, you simply submit the customer number, company name, address and telephone number of any accounts that appear to be marginal in their creditworthiness or ability to adhere to payment terms. These accounts are compared to CST Company’s vast debtor database of more than a half million commercial entities  If previous activity is identified, you are immediately contacted. For a minimum of one year, every account you have in the Registry is compared to each day’s new placements, and you are immediately notified when new matches are detected.

Accounts may be submitted on an individual basis, such as by sending us a copy of the credit application of a newly approved customer (the needed information will be recorded, and the credit application will be immediately destroyed). Multiple submissions to the Registry may be attached and sent by email.

CST Company works with clients in a wide variety of industries, so it isn’t uncommon for one client’s marginal account to be another client’s collection issue. Receiving notification of collection activity on an account in CST Company’s Marginal Account Registry gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate a customer’s credit terms, if the customer is not past-due. If the account is delinquent, the MAR-prompted notification affords a more timely and informed decision on when and how to act on the account.

There is no charge for the use of this service, and there is no obligation to ever place a registered account for collection.

Why would CST Company offer such a valuable service for free? The answer is simple. By giving our clients the means of monitoring their marginal accounts, a more timely decision on submitting accounts for collection may be made.  Placing accounts with us earlier increases the likelihood that they will be collected without legal steps and reduces the number of accounts that prove uncollectible. This benefits both our clients and CST Company.

MAR has become an important resource for CST Company clients. If you would like to see how it may become a Key to Collections for you, please CONTACT US .

Newer Team Members Need a Little Training?

We have a Credit Grantor Training Program available through the Commercial Collection Training Institute of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America.  Contact us to find out more.

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