In-House Counsel Handling

Years ago, we noticed how sometimes a debtor would pay, just because their account was escalated into the hands of an outside attorney.  But when that happens, the rate our clients pay is higher and the portion of the fee that CST Co. gets is less, due to what the outside attorney charges.

Often our highly trained and experienced adjustors are successful in the resolution of the collection account.  However, when they are unable to successfully resolve the matter amicably, CST Co. has an additional layer of service not always provided by other commercial collection agencies that has proven to be both effective and economical for our clients.

Our in-house counsel reviews and works each account prior to an account being forwarded to an outside attorney.  As a licensed attorney at law, our in-house counsel is often very effective in the resolution of many of the balances, which eliminates the additional cost of forwarding as well as the potential cost of litigation.

Since we can sometimes collect the account without the efforts of an outside attorney, it can actually lower your collection costs.  This extra level of service is another reason why CST Co. is Your Key to Collections. 

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Newer Team Members Need a Little Training?

We have a Credit Grantor Training Program available through the Commercial Collection Training Institute of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America.  Contact us to find out more.

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