CST Company has professionally trained account managers who can meet with you and your entire collection staff, both virtually and in person, to gain a better understanding of your internal credit and collection policies and customize our service offerings to fit your needs.

Our representatives are also trained to make a personal collection visits with your past-due customer.  CST Company’s inside adjustors (our collectors) know that when warranted, they can contact the representative located nearest your debtor and arrange for a personal collection call to be made.  Generally, you will even receive a picture and a short overview of the debtor’s premises, to give you a better understanding of the debtor company.

You can also have a process server hand-deliver a personalized demand letter from our in-house attorney on your larger past-due accounts.  Look into our in-house attorney service for more information on our Process Server Demand Service, or Contact Us for more information.


We have collectors in-house who have extensive experience handling foreign collection accounts.  Additionally, we have fully vetted foreign affiliates to be our “boots on the ground” for you.  Having foreign collection professionals who are familiar with the collection laws, the languages, and the regional cultures across the globe, affords CST Company with the critical pieces needed to protect your interests anywhere.  Great worldwide coverage is another Key to CollectionsCONTACT US  for more information.

Every Step of the Way

CST Company provides services to help with the entire life cycle of a customer account. We provide credit reporting services, customer account monitoring, soft-call, pre-collection letter-writing, full-service collection, litigation services, and bankruptcy monitoring.

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