Free Advisory Service

Since 1979, CST Company’s Free Advisory Service has helped clients make more informed decisions about customers with substantial past-due balances.  This free service provides insight on your delinquent accounts with balances over $10,000.

The Free Advisory Service was designed to help you discern why that larger balance customer, who seems adequately financed and has historically paid in a satisfactory manner, suddenly isn’t meeting promised payment obligations.  You don’t want to place an account too early and pay a collection fee that isn’t necessary.  But you also don’t want to hold onto an account that may be suddenly under duress and end up losing the entire balance.  FAS helps by confidentially checking out the customer to assist you in deciding when or if it is time to act.

CST Co. not only searches through its vast debtor database of over 600,000 company names for duplicate placements, but we also check with other sources of information in your customer’s locale.  All uncovered information will be provided to you within 24 hours at no charge.

Confidential investigation of your delinquent customer through CST Co.’s Free Advisory Service can be the Key to Collection by helping you determine the best avenue for collecting large past-due accounts. CONTACT US and ask for more information. You may also request a personal or virtual visit by one of our account representatives.

Newer Team Members Need a Little Training?

We have a Credit Grantor Training Program available through the Commercial Collection Training Institute of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America.  Contact us to find out more.

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