Same Day Service

When it is time to place accounts for collection, sometimes you can be so busy that you just want to get them moving forward, so you can attend to other tasks.  But once in a while, there is that particular delinquent customer that needs to know you are serious.  They may not be your largest account, but they are most certainly your biggest headache.

That’s where CST Company’s Same Day Service can help.  Upon receiving your new account placement using Same Day Service, the debtor is immediately contacted.  As soon as the adjustor finishes the call with the debtor, you are contacted with the results.

Same Day Service essentially pulls your account from the others that we have received and earmarks it for special preliminary handling.  There are no additional charges for submitting an account using SDS.  You receive the same service as a regular Immediate Action placement, but you have the added benefit of knowing the condition of the account and the debtor’s initial response the same day the account is placed with CST Company for collection (results of accounts placed with us late in the day may be reported the following day).

Having almost instant feedback on the results of the initial contact with your commercial debtor, can quickly bring the account into focus, and provide the immediate information necessary to determine what further efforts may be required to collect the balance.

Click the CONTACT US button to speak with a representative about this service that may become one of your Keys to Collections.

Every Step of the Way

CST Company provides services to help with the entire life cycle of a customer account. We provide credit reporting services, customer account monitoring, soft-call, pre-collection letter-writing, full-service collection, litigation services, and bankruptcy monitoring.

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